New Volkswagen Microbus Maintains Feel of the Past

The Volkswagen Bus was a legendary vehicle loved by an entire generation of people. Volkswagen has decided that it will release a redesigned I.D. Buzz Microbus in the future. In 2020 or 2021 the Microbus will release as a fully-electric vehicle. Volkswagen wants the vehicle to give a new generation of drivers the same feeling and emotions that the original Bus provided.

To keep up with technology, the bus will have a 111 kilowatt-hour battery, giving the vehicle a range of 270 miles. It will also feature Level-3 self-driving capabilities that will allow the driver to be eyes-off while the vehicle is driving. It will be able to handle most situations, including emergency braking. Providing an updated version of the classic will make sure the newest drivers will be interested in, and impressed by, the new Microbus.

Volkswagen has stayed true to its name of being the "people's car" by providing the best to its customers for decades. To see a selection of 2017 Volkswagen vehicles, come over to Volkswagen of Fort Myers. Our team wants you to get on a test drive as soon as possible, so come over today to get started!

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