Why a Dealership Has Your Best Interests at Heart

So why is it better to take your car to the dealership when your car needs repairs. There are many reasons why it is better to do that. First off, if you take your car to see us here at Volkswagen of Fort Myers, you'll find that our staff and technicians not only know what they are doing but that they are fully competent to work on your car.

You will also get OEM parts over generic parts which means that your repair will last longer because it was done right the first time. You will also find that your wait will be much shorter since we have lots of lifts and a large staff to handle multiple repairs at a time. A dealership, such as ours, often has all the needed parts on hand as well, so that you will get your car fixed more quickly since parts do not have to be ordered.

For a higher quality of service with your vehicle, be sure to plan a visit to meet with us at 14060 S Tamiami and get started today!

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