A Simple Guide to Safe Towing

Towing should be done safely, whether you’re going across the country or one block. One of the most important factors in safe towing is having everything in good working condition. Stop at our car repair and maintenance destination in Fort Myers, FL and let us take a look at your vehicle and trailer.

In addition to having a good working vehicle and trailer, you should also make sure all connections are tight and all signals/lights are functional. Do not overload your trailer. Stay within the limits set by the trailer and your vehicle. Don’t speed or tailgate. You’re not going to be able to travel the same as you would if you weren’t towing. Make sure everything is tightly secured on the trailer.

If you have any questions or are in need of towing supplies, visit us in Fort Myers and let us help you out. We carry a full line of automotive supplies and offer various services.

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