Volkswagen App Connect Makes Your Life Easier

Nowadays everyone has a smartphone that assists them with their daily lives. Whether that’s by placing an important phone call, allowing you to connect to the Internet so you can Google something, or giving you directions your smartphone is an important part of your life.


The Convenience of Your Tire Pressure Icon

Have you ever seen your tire pressure light illuminated? It's probably something that you roll your eyes for at the time, but it's actually a convenience that it's there. Cars never used to come equipped with a sensor that would gauge and tell you when there was a problem, but now you can know when your tires are becoming underinflated or overinflated just by looking at your dashboard console.

This light becomes illuminated when your tire is low because the weather became colder, when there is leak in your tire, or just because of normal loss of…


A Simple Guide to Safe Towing

Towing should be done safely, whether you’re going across the country or one block. One of the most important factors in safe towing is having everything in good working condition. Stop at our car repair and maintenance destination in Fort Myers, FL and let us take a look at your vehicle and trailer.

In addition to having a good working vehicle and trailer, you should also make sure all connections are tight and all signals/lights are functional. Do not overload your trailer. 


Know When to Change Out Your Tires

A tire has an important job, and all four of your tires have to be in good condition if they are going to work together to keep you safe in your vehicle. When a tire starts to wear out, it can cause issues regarding your driving - even if only one of your four tires is wearing out.

It is important for you to know what the signs are regarding your tires needing to be replaced. If you notice that your vehicle slips when you try to brake to a stop, you might have a tire that needs to be replaced…


Pick the Drivetrain That Meets Your Needs

What kind of drivetrain do you think is best? That actually depends on where you live and the type of driver you are. If you want to drive in all-season weather, take on rough terrain, and have a lot of power, then you probably want an all-wheel drive (AWD) or even a four-wheel drive (4WD) if you are looking for an off-road driving experience.

Front-wheel drive (FWD) is one of the more common drivetrains. This allows your car to drive in almost all situations, including slippery roads during the winter. 


Can You Check Brake Fluid at Home?

More and more people are choosing to do their own auto repairs to try to save money. In many cases, this is perfectly fine provided they’re simple issues like replacing windshield washer fluid or changing a fuse. However, things like brake fluid replacement should be left to the professionals. Stop in at our Volkswagen service shop and have our techs do it for you.

Checking and replacing brake fluid involves more than just knowing where the dipstick is located and where to pour in the fluid. It may be time to flush out the old before you add the…


Volkswagen’s People’s First Warranty Puts Drivers First

Having a good warranty can provide you with some assurance when something goes amiss with your vehicle. You deserve to have a team by your side whenever you need any sort of maintenance. With Volkswagen’s People’s First Warranty your needs are put first.

While competitors only offer up to 3 years/36,000 miles of coverage, most new Volkswagen vehicles in the US have the People’s First Warranty – up to six years/72,000 miles!


Why Are Move Over Laws Important?

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When you see that a car near you on the road needs to pull over or has been in an accident, it can be difficult to move out of the way for first aid vehicles to get close to the vehicle. Here are some important rules to keep in mind so that you can be safe on the road in these instances.

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The Value of Windshield Wiper Fluid

Keeping a spotless windshield is vital to your security out and on the road. The main issue is keeping your view clean and removing objects and substances that can muddy up your field of vision. Fortunately, all advanced vehicles have windshield wipers and washer liquid stores that make cleaning them as quick and easy as the push of a catch.

Obviously, some have addressed if windshield wiper liquid can be supplanted with water.


Schedule Your Next Service Appointment Online for Maximum Convenience

Finding the time to sit down and make a service appointment for your vehicle can be difficult with all the distractions and responsibilities we have these days. Here at Volkswagen of Fort Myers, we understand your situation. That's why we created our online service scheduler, which is designed to help busy drivers like you make appointments in a fraction of the time it used to take.

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